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In this extremely simple and easy game, suitable for kids and adults, you have a collection of over 200 gifts to unlock between pets, toys, electronic hardware, special holidays, Halloween and Valentine's day themed gifts.

To complete your collection you have to catch falling gifts in your basket and to avoid bombs in a minigame, once you catch enough gifts, try your luck with the random gift generator.

How much time will it take to collect them all? Which will you unlock first, nice or bad gifts?
Challenge your friends to who gets the best gift! Or to who has the most completed collection!

Have fun with this completely free of charge game!


Version 1.11

Get it on Google Play

Windows Phone 8.1
Download from Windows Phone Store

Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 8.1
Download from Windows Store

Windows "Desktop"
Download for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10

Supported Devices
Minimum system requirements:

Android (smartphones and tablets):
•Android 2.3 or newer (Android 4.x or newer is recommended);
•600MHz ARMv5(armeabi), ARMv7(armeabi-v7a), x86 or MIPS CPU;
•Touch screen of at least 3";
•512MB of RAM;
•Around 25MB of free storage.

Windows Mobile\Phone:
•Windows Mobile 10 or Windows Phone 8.1;
•Touch screen of at least 3";
•512MB of RAM;
•Around 20MB of free storage.

PC (Windows Store):
•Windows 10 or 8.1;
•1GB of RAM;
•1.2GHz x86, x64 or ARM CPU;
•Touch screen or mouse;
•Around 10MB of free storage.

PC (Windows "Desktop"):
•Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10;
•512MB of RAM;
•1.2GHz x86 or x64 CPU;
•Touch screen, mouse or gamepad (Xbox 360\One only);
•Around 10MB of free storage.


•This app is free of charge, if you paid for it you have been scammed;
•The setup application and the game are 100% free from any type of adverts (pictures, text, video and third party apps);
•No registration to any service is required;
•No data about about your pc, you or your use of your pc or our game is collected.