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Green Tech. developed by Gyppi.

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Latest Official releases ready for download:
Green Tech. 1.2.8 for Doom3
Green Tech. RoE 1.2.5 for D3: RoE

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Screenshots of Green Tech. for Doom 3:

Screenshots of Green Tech. for Resurrection of Evil:

Mod's Downloads:

Green Tech. 1.2.8:

Green Tech. RoE 1.2.5:
Zip Archive - 66.1MB - For Windows's Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil version 1.3

NOTE: Green Tech. for Doom 3: RoE is based on Green Tech. 1.2.5 for Doom 3
It has not the new features of Green Tech. 1.2.8.

Mod's Information:


Main Developer:

MacOS Beta Tester & Compiler:

Windows Beta Tester:
Hexen Third

Other help by:
Santaclaws for the original Bloom
Shader Use_less for the new Bloom Shader for D3 1.3


the new flashlight system, now you can turn on or off the flashlight,
integrated in any fire-weapons, by pressing F;
the Bloom shader effect;
some new sounds;
demons disappear after 5 minutes of their death (this increase the performance);

BUG FIXED IN G.T. 1.2.8:
Soulcube malcunction;
hell stairs malfunction;
last level malfuncion;
and other minor bug fix like the shotgun power.

-Increased the speed of the player;
-added a remixed shotgun like the Doom II game;
-new scripts for the flashlight for allow add-ons;
-men and zombies will not "explode";
-added the RealMetal FX (REV 200);
-new sparks and lights effects for any weapons;
-new review of any weapons;
-all weapons, without the chainsaw, grenades and the soulcube, have an integrated flashlight;
-the flame, when you shot is green:
-many skins of guns are green;
-more clip for all the weapons;
-the pistol and the plasma gun, are more quickly to shot;
-edited two posters, the first two in the first level;
-edited the textures of PDAs;
-deleted the UAC logo and replaced with the "TECH" logo;
-maximized the life to 150;
-maximized the armor to 150;
-new loading background;
-new texture for "mars";
-many skins of characters are green;
-added the shadow in single player mode;
-made green the headlight of our drop ship;
-made green the RoboCola's tin and machine;
-made green the coin-in "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3";
-changed the sound of the pistol and the machinegun;
-made the nightmare modality ever disponible;
-the minimum limit of life in nightmare modality is now 50;
-all the cursors are green;
-the pda and main menu guis are green;
-you give more points with "Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3".

Many other modifications are visible when you play Green Tech. :)
Have a good time!


Extract the "gt128" folder from the zip file in your Doom 3 folder, run the game and chose "Green Tech. 1.2.8" from the mod menu. Enjoy!

You only need to delete the folder "gt128" from your Doom 3 path.

Installation of Add-ons:

Extract "Add_lgt.pk4", from the downloaded zip archive, in your Green Tech. folder, "GTMOD" or "GT128", or in the "base" folder.

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