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2D, side-scrolling, shoot'em up, rpg

PC Windows
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• 20+ weapons and 10+ add-ons
• 8 completely unique environments
• 7 power-ups
• Native Full-HD resolution
• 60fps animations
• Full controller support
• Achievements
• Original soundtrack

Brief Description

In an odd fairy-like world populated by talking animals and giant insects, Jack, a human soldier believed to be a legendary hero by the native of the place, will fight his way home, partner with the cute Zurey and a lot of guns, against a horde of evil robotic animals aimed to conquer the peaceful isle of Somnia.

SomniuM: A Dream Long Adventure has completely hand drawn backgrounds, native full-hd graphics, 60fps animations and a lot of enemies, weapons, add-ons and power-ups.


The development of "SomniuM: A Dream Lonag Adventure" for the PC begun in late 2012, it was at first designed as a very small and short game, as an introduction to another game, to a bigger world. Seeing how well the game was coming up, it evolved into a more complex game in 2014 with the addition of more enemies, weapons and environments.

Videos & Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack:
Jungle theme (download .mp3, 815KB)


Concept arts and sample animations are available on the media web page of the game.

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