Release date:
• November 1, 2017
F2P, 2D, top view, driving, infinite runner

• Android 3+
• Windows Phone 8.x\Mobile 10


• Colorful HD graphic at 60fps;
• 40+ cars and more coming soon;
• 20+ offensive, defensive and special power-ups;
• 15 ranks to reach and surpass;
• 15 tracks around the world to race on;
• Original soundtrack;

Brief Description

Freeway Survival is a free to play (freemium) 2D, top view, driving, infinite runner game where you have to avoid incoming traffic and/or destroy it with rockets, shockwaves and many other power-ups!

Extended Description

In Freeway survival you'll have to survive to a traffic jammed freeway (what a shock!) for as long as you can by avoiding other cars, or using one of the many (more than 20!) power-ups available.

Divided into 3 categories (defensive, offensive and dangerous), the vast range of power-ups at your disposal will help you clear your way and reach the next survival rank to unlock better cars and new locations! What’s your style? Do you prefer a not so agile but very strong vehicle or a speedy but light car? Or maybe one with many power-up slots? Or a smaller one to strafe between traffic?

It’s your choice, with over 40 vehicles (and more coming in the future) between superminis, hatchback, muscle and exotic cars, each one with its own agility, health and power-up slots, you'll be able to not only survive but to dominate the freeway!

The more you survive, the faster your car will go, but not only that! Also the traffic will change with time: police cars, ambulances, semi-trucks and sport cars will slowly fill this dangerous freeway adding in difficulty and variety! Save some energy-shield power-up for later use, you're gonna need ’em!

Supported devices

Freeway Survival is compatible with smartphones and tablets with at least Android 3 or Windows Phone 8.0 (newer versions are recommended); an ARMv5(armeabi), ARMv7(armeabi-v7a), MIPS or x86 CPU of at least 600MHz; 512MB of RAM, any kind of GPU; around 40MB of free memory; and a touch screen of at least 3 inches.

Videos & Soundtrack

Original Soundtrack:


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