Never heard of animated GIFs?

Those little sound-less videoclips, often found all over the web, usually made for funny and crazy stuff!

Windows lacks a real player for these files, this is why 7GIF was born. With 7GIF you will be able to display and play back animated GIFs and do much more as well. It also includes many options to control the animation, just like an actual media player.

Download it now, it’s free!
With 7GIF you have full control over the animation: play, pause, repeat, frame-by-frame view, zoom, speed up/down; and a LOT of features like: frames export, fast GIFs switching, slideshow, full screen mode, Windows 7 (8 and 10) advanced taskbar features, multilanguage UI, online updates and much more!

Awards and reviews

PC & Tech Authority: 4/5

Software Crew: 4/5

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