Frequently Asked Questions
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•Are your apps free to download and use?
The apps which you can download from our web site are totally free and do not require any form of payment, subscription or registration.

•Does your apps contains adware, spyware, toolbars or any other potentially harmful or undesired software in them?
Absolutely not. Our apps for Microsoft Windows do not contain any form of third party advertisement or malware in general but, please keep in mind that, we can only assure this if you download our apps from our own official web site.

•What are the system requirements and which Operating Systems are supported by your apps?
The Microsoft .Net Framework is a common requirement, in addition each app has its own dedicated web page where its system requirements (if needed) and supported Operating Systems are listed at the top.

•How can I launch your apps?
Our apps are available both as an easy to use installer package (setup) and a handy stand-alone (portable) ZIP archive.

•May I redistribute your products?
You’re free to redistribute our free apps (including basic/lite editions, demos and trials) without requiring direct authorization from us as long as you mention their origin (i.e. us and this website) and that we are not affiliated with you. Also please remember that by no means you are allowed to modify, replace or extract resources from any of our products. For more information about what you can do with our free apps, read the Creative Commons public license (Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives).

•Can I talk about or review your apps and games?
Sure! If you even want to use our logo or one of our banners, you can find them in our dedicated area.

•I believe I've found a bug in one of your products, how can I report it to you?
You can report it to us with the dedicated form in the support web page. We will try our best to reproduce the issue and to find a solution. Please remember that this process is not easy nor fast and that during the holidays and weekends we take a pause too.

•How can I get in touch with you?
You can contact us by using the "contact us" web page, if you have an issue with one of our product, fill instead the dedicated form in the support web page.

•Are you a company, an organization, or what?
Xtreme-LAb® is a private company since 2012 but both our trademark and web site have been around since 2004. For more information, check out our "company" web page.

•Can I make a donation? If yes, how?
Any contributions are deeply appreciated and you can support us via PayPal (Credit/Debit Card included), by visiting our "donation" web page.

•Does Xtreme-LAb® develop any apps or games on commission?
Xtreme-LAb® does not develop on commission for the time being.

•While installing your apps, I get a pop up warning message; why?
Automatic installers (setup applications) usually require administrator privileges to be run: therefore upon launching our setups, you may get a warning from the "User Account Control", asking for such rights. You may also see a message which invites you not to start (or install) our app since it comes from a source (or author) not recognized by Microsoft and its partners: that happens because our apps do not have a digital signature.

•Why didn't you apply digital signatures to your apps and what does this actually mean anyway?
Digital signatures are used by the Operative System to check if the app you are about to start comes from a "trusted" (i.e. recognized by Microsoft and its partners) source and that the file has not been tampered with. Our apps are not digitally signed because we use other safety methods, like the MD5 checksum.

•What is that long series of numbers and letters, referred as the "MD5 checksum", in the download area of your apps?
That's the MD5 checksum of a file you can download from us. Generally the MD5 checksum is used to verify the integrity of files transmitted through the internet and to assure that the file has not been damaged, corrupted or modified/tampered with by a third party.

•How can I use the "MD5 checksum" to verify the downloaded file?
There are many free (and paid) software capable to generate\check the MD5 checksum of a file. If you know how to use the command prompt (cmd.exe) we suggest you to download the Microsoft File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV), to learn how to use it, read the KB841290 article.

•What do you use to create your installers (setup files)?
We use Inno Setup: a freeware product developed by Jordan Russell. We are not affiliated with him.

•I'm confused about the version number of you apps, could you explain it?
While many modern apps nowadays increase the first version number each release or use codenames or release date related versioning, we follow a more classic approach where the version number is devided into 4 parts:
In this scheme we have the following:

  • major: primary/main version of the app, it's increased only when big or core parts of the app are changed;
  • minor: secondary version of the app, it's increased with every small feature update;
  • revision: re-release of the previus version with some important tweak or bug fixed, no new features;
  • build: a unique identifier of the current version.

Note: for "apps" we mean any application, program or software which was developed by us.