Privacy policy
Please read carefully
This web page lists the information that are gathered by our web site, products, services and contacting forms, and in which way they are used.

Data gathered by visiting our web site

Using our web site will allow Google to gather data about your system through the Google Analytics service and to create or update a tracking cookie on your system. These information are not gathered nor stored directly by Xtreme-LAb but by Google, the web analytics provider, and than shared by Google with us. All gathered data available to us (Xtreme-LAb) is completely anonymous, no personal information are gathered, it is not possible for us to identify, not even partially, a specific user. The gathered data is used internally at Xtreme-LAb only for the proper functionality of services and products directed to the same users or for internal marketing research.

We don't directly create or modify any kind of cookie on your system.

To know what type of data Google gathers through its Google Analytics service, please read the Google privacy policy for partners.

Data gathered by our apps and games

Games ("Freeway Survival" and "What The Gift!?"):
No data about your device (PC, tablet or smartphone), you, your use of your device or of our game is collected by us.

Windows Desktop apps:
By using the "check online for updates" featured inside our software for Windows PC, a string containing the application name and version in use is sent to our server, no information about you or your system is gathered during this operation.

Data gathered by sending us a message

When the Support or Contact form is used to get in touch with us (Xtreme-LAb) your message and any information correlated to it are checked only by Xtreme-LAb personnel, which undertake the protection of security and discretion of your personal data, like: name, nickname, surname and email address (if you included them in the message).

When a message is sent from our web site, the following information will also be temporarily stored:
• Your IP address;
• the name and version of the Operating System you used;
• the name and version of the web browser you used;
• the installed .Net Framework version (if available).