Founding date:
October 24, 2012
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Future project:
SomniuM: A Dream Long Adventure (in development)

Brief Description

Xtreme-LAb is a small Italian indie software and videogame development company founded by Gabriele Piccinino, old time developer of free apps and PC games Modder.


Xtreme-LAb was founded in 2004 as a label to publish the free software made by founder Gabriele Piccinino in his spare time.
Until 2011 Xtreme-LAb’s web site and applications were only available in Italian language, but, since we've gone international, we won several awards for our free applications and got positive reviews from both critics and users: our most recent and famous applications are: 7GIF, InFile Seeker and Thumbs Remover.

At the end of 2012, Xtreme-LAb became a real private company, focused on the creation of small but useful software and great indie video games.

Logo & icons

88 x 31

234 x 60

Awards & recognition

• Interview about SomniuM by the Italian magazine "The Games Machine" N297 of June 2013.